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Kate Hayward (keh)
United Kingdom
Artist, Photographer, Tea-Drinker.
★ Cambridge, UK - 80's Child
❥ Markers, wildlife, countryside, animals, forests, hillwalking, movies, horror, comics, animation, reading, photography, insects, spiders, TEA, pancakes, flowers, summer.
✖ Winter, being cold, public transport, chimps, mornings.
t e a - b u g . c o m

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(Apologies for copy-paste from my Facebook page!)

I've closed commissions for a bit - partly because I have a couple that need finishing up, partly because I have some artwork I owe others (non-commissions), but mostly because I need a bit of me time when it comes to artwork!

I would really, REALLY like to knuckle down on my own comic projects this year. My last convention just made me wish more than ever that I had my own comic in print on my table to talk about & sell so I'm feeling more determined than ever now!

Also feeling I need to take a bit of time out to IMPROVE my art. There are a few things in particular where I feel my artwork is lacking (eg: backgrounds, dynamic poses, lighting...) so I want to set myself some goals & practice, practice, practice. I'll be sure to update my progress here!

I'll probably re-open commissions soon (within the next 1-2 months), but between balancing a new(ish) part-time job (my receptionist temp job turned into a permanent job - yay!) with a chronic health condition (I have fibromyalgia) and working on my own projects slots will be VERY limited. I'll be sure to update here when they are re-opened!

MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has supported my artwork by commissioning me previously - before I was able to start part time work again that was my only financial contribution to our household ^^'' I really appreciate it!
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  • Reading: Symbiont - Mira Grant
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Sci-Fi Scarborough

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 5:01 PM

Hey all! I LIVE! I've just been very busy, (and also very tired!) as recently my temp job became a permanent position (which is fantastic) and this past weekend I attended sci-Fi Scarborough (which was great fun!) I'll hopefully be being more active here soon as things are calming down & I'm catching up with everything, I hope you have all been doing awesome & I'm looking forward to having time to settle down & look through all the artwork I've been missing : )

Have a picture of my table - I liked it a lot at first, but later decided it was too cluttered. Going to try for a cleaner, clearer look for the next con.

Meandstall Smaller by tea-bug

Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: Symbiont - Mira Grant
  • Drinking: Tea
Might you be interested in supporting me if I launched a Patreon? (Early days, I am just gauging interest)
5 deviants said YES!
5 deviants said I like cats.
3 deviants said Maybe, it would depend on the content/rewards (please comment & let me know what you would like to see)
2 deviants said I have no idea what Patreon is:

True Believers Comic Festival

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2015, 12:16 PM

Edit: Due to an EPIC fail on my part involving train tickets, I am unfortunately NOT at True Believers today. Apologies to anyone hoping to see me there! I hope anyone going has a good one.

I will be at The True Believers Comic Festival this Saturday(Feb 6th) - would be great to see any of you that can make it! I'll be at table E14 with many art prints & some 'zines n' stuff : )

Witty banter dependent on how much tea I've managed to drink.

tbeliversFLOORPLANed3 by tea-bug

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  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: Parasite - Mira Grant
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My Year In Art 2014 by tea-bug
My Year In Art 2014
January - I did a fair amount of artwork in the new year, including vowing to try other colour schemes that didn't involve pink...This lasted all of two days.

February - Since I spent a fair bit of January re-reading STC again, and then Sonic Boom happened, my latent Sonic fandom is reignited BIG TIME and I draw Amys everywhere for the rest of the year. Any hope of none-pink artwork is completely dashed :P

March - Oops more pink. But it was a part of a set of commissions! And I did them in many different colours! It's just this one's my favourite... (Mollie-Sue belongs to drazzi )

April - I made a set of themed 'EPIC Hair' illustrations in time for my first convention of the year, the zombie girl is by far my favourite though. ho knew drawing glass in someone's face could be so much fun?

May - More Amy.  I happen across a drawing technique I like a lot - markers over pencil crayon linework.

June - OCs Scarlett & Alice in colours I would be into for the rest of the year.

July - I entered (& placed) in a Sonic Boom group competition with the theme 'Team Work' - this would become my most popular illustration of the year too.

August - I was really busy, but managed to keep updating Legion of Kats on scheduled, unfortunately that wouldn't last -_-''

September - From September onwards most of my drawing time was taken up by commissioned artwork! - Which I am VERY grateful for! the only problem being that most original artwork, projects, comics & other things I was meant to be drawing fell by the wayside. I managed to sneak out the odd picture though.

October - I started temp work again for Cambridge Uni, and between that & commissions didn't get to do much of my own artwork. Managed to get this picture done in time for Sonic the Comic con at the end of the month though, and it made my day when it made it into print in the 'Graphics Zone' section of the convention issue comic :D

November - I got a lot of commissions to do as Christmas gifts from Etsy customers & worked my butt off on them. Finished this Halloween Ginger Snaps fanart at the start of the month and left it black & white - highly unusual for me!

December - I closed commissions online... And then took more on from offline sources! But it was worth it, and I was pleased with the outcome of the pictures in my 'cartoon' style.

Conventions I attended in 2014: Sci-Fi Scarborough, Yorkshire Cosplay Con, Sunnycon, Camcon, J-Con. I also sold at three craft markets in Cambridge.

Goals for 2015:
+ Complete certain comic strips I said I would do ^^''
+ Work on my own comic projects & an exciting one with CreatoreMagico & drazzi!
+ Update LOKs on time :/
+ Work harder on BACKGROUNDS. Y'know, including them. Thinking about them. Drawing them.
+ Lighting needs a lot of work I think.
+ Make studies of lighting & backgrounds.
+ More dynamic poses in illustrations.
Anything you guys think I need to work on?


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SarahMyriaCarter Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Professional Writer
Hey I am holding another contest and hope you consider entering it's for book 2(Seekers Temptation)…
Naoru Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I just wanted to say THANK YOU sooooo much for the Archie picture!! I got it in the post on Wednesday, and it ttly made a crummy day into a good one <3 You really didnt have to, thank you I rly love it!
And would it be okay if I scan in some of your sketchbook pics and the archie art to post on our HC webcomic sites? :)
tea-bug Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015
You are VERY welcome! & I'm pleased that it arrived safe!
Go for it! I scanned a lot of it but haven't got around to editing it to show in my gallery yet - soon!
Candicelovessonicfor Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
i am from the uk too!
tea-bug Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
So I see! Did you get to Sonic the Comic con?
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